How to Correctly Use BitTorrent and Avoid the Common Problems

Date: January 21, 2019 / Categories: Torrenting, / Author: Jeff M

The internet is a way of living for most people around the world as it allows them to conduct business, manage finances, and communicate with clients and associates. The internet is also an amusement mega-highway as individuals can watch their favorite shows, listen to their favorite music, play video games, and just about every activity […]

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Proxy Drama: High-Security Alert on Thousands of MikroTik Routers

Date: December 19, 2018 / Categories: Torrenting, / Author: Elizabeth Kelly

If you are using a router manufactured by MikroTik, you need to contact their support team to check if your router is one of the affected units to have a malware. This April, China’s Netlab 360 security researchers found out that thousands of routers manufactured by MikroTik, a Latvian company, have a vulnerability. This vulnerability […]

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Choose the Best Proxies for Torrenting Movies, TV, and Music

Date: May 18, 2018 / Categories: Torrenting, / Author: Matthew

Privacy is precious. As online security becomes a priority nowadays, proxy providers are more and more in demand. Proxy providers help people maintain online anonymity by keeping their real identity private. A proxy allows users to go online by using an alternate IP address, while keeping their original IP address private. Given that there are […]

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