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How to Correctly Use BitTorrent and Avoid the Common Problems

The internet is a way of living for most people around the world as it allows them to conduct business, manage finances, and communicate with clients and associates. The internet is also an amusement mega-highway as individuals can watch their favorite shows, listen to their favorite music, play video games, and just about every activity imaginable.

To make matters even greater, individuals can obtain media such as these by simply downloading BitTorrent, one of the most popular file transfer programs widely used for distributing data online. For those who have been living under a rock, using this program allows you to obtain your favorite shows, music, applications, and games to name a few. Using it is also very easy but there are common problems that users regularly experience. Here is how to correctly use the program and tips on how to avoid the common problems.


How BitTorrent Works

BitTorent is one of the most popular file sharing programs on the planet. The way this program works is it is very similar to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing as it acts to break down and replicate segments of the file, allowing the copied file to be downloaded by multiple users. When users upload files such as TV shows or movies, the program copies the uploaded files making them available to everyone. This is how traditional P2P sharing works.

With BitTorent, the program takes file sharing into a whole new stratosphere as it allows the transfer of large data files from one large server to all BitTorent users online. The server can be described as an extremely massive network connection where all files also known as torrents are split up and divided into smaller networks connection clusters. This means that the first time a file is uploaded on BitTorent, it becomes a single seed also known as a user. When another user downloads the file, they become a peer. As multiple peers begin downloading the file from the original seeder or user, the file becomes healthier, therefore faster to download.


BitTorrent 101

Those who are new to using BitTorent, this program is very simple and straightforward to use. Once you have the program installed and running in your computer, it is time to search for torrents. As there are a multitude of websites that host torrents, it is important that you choose the safest and most complete website. You will also need to segment you downloads.

For example, if you want TV shows, there are websites dedicated to providing TV show torrents such as EZTV and ETTV. For music, movies, games, and other applications, there are also websites that specialize in providing these such as The Pirate Bay and ExtraExtraTorrent. Now that you have some examples of where to look, you can begin downloading files that are safe and 100% legitimate. It is also very essential that you keep in mind to download files that have multiple seeders as this ensures a faster download speed.

How to Use BitTorrent

Common Problems Users Regularly Experience

Over the past years, BitTorrent users have multiplied to a number that is substantially more than a quarter of a billion. Due to this amount of users, the program has caused many user problems, some which are not really the programs fault but due to other circumstances. The common issues users face are:


  • Low-Quality Torrent Files. One of the more frustrating issues that many users deal with when they complete downloading a file is to play the file and it comes out poor in quality. There are various reasons why this can happen. One of them is users did not check the audio or visual quality of the file as stated in the torrent descriptions. When you download a torrent, it normally comes with a description such as audio quality and video quality. Good audio quality is an audio file in 320 kbps and good video quality is a video file of 720p or 1080i. If you download files that have lower ratings, your video and audio files will come out very poor in quality.


  • Slow Download/Upload Speeds. Another frustrating issue is when users experience slow download speeds. To ensure that your torrents download efficiently, you need to first choose torrents that have many seeders and leechers. Torrents that have an abundance of these are considered healthy torrents and always provide the fastest download rates possible. If a torrent lacks any of these, many times those torrents will take days if not weeks to download.


  • Inability to find Torrents. All users have varied tastes in shows and music. There are some that like more popular shows and genres and those who like it more specific. Usually, users who sway to the more popular shows and music are able to find torrents practically in all websites that offer torrents, while those who like specialties will have to search harder as some websites may have them or they are simply obsolete online.


  • Regional Website Blocking. The last issue that users have with using BitTorrent is some have trouble locating torrents because the popular websites that offer these have been blocked due to their region being strict with piracy laws. This is an issue that BitTorrent really has no control over because in these regions, the use of this program, more so than not, is often prohibited.


How to Avoid these Common Problems

The simplest and most effective solution to these aforementioned issues is for users to consider using proxies. Proxies are a tool that users can utilize to encrypt and secure their internet connection.  When you use this technology while downloading torrents on BitTorrent, you are able to change your IP address to that of another country, which means that search engines and other websites will not be able to track your behavior. It also makes it almost impossible for authorities as well as your ISP provider to identify your IP address. The use of proxies is very affordable and some programs are even available for free.

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