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Opera Launches a New Browser Called Reborn 3

Opera aims to disrupt the field by releasing a new browser. On April 9, 2019, Opera released Opera 60, also known as Reborn 3, the first mainstream desktop browser with Web 3 support and a Crypto Wallet.

This latest browser from Opera Software will work with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Here’s a first look at Reborn 3:

What’s new with Opera’s Reborn 3

Reborn 3 sports a new design that’s “inspired by low-key and high-key lighting photography.” Users can use either of two themes: dark and light. The light mode evokes openness and optimism, while the dark one exudes elegance and focus. Whichever you choose, the goal is to maximize or minimize the amount of light while maintaining contrast. You can switch between the two themes depending on your mood, the setting, or the content you are browsing.


The browser also sports a borderless design; there will be no more dividing lines between sections. This is meant to enhance the viewers’ browsing experience and remove unnecessary distractions.

Web 3 support and Crypto Wallet

As the Web is evolving from Web 2 (websites are static but not interactive) to Web 3 (users can access information and also share their own), Reborn 3 takes advantage by positioning itself as the first Web 3-ready desktop browser. Not only that; Reborn 3 has an integrated Crypto Wallet. This makes Reborn 3 the first mainstream desktop browser to have such feature.


The Crypto Wallet feature will let users store cryptocurrencies and do blockchain-based transactions. It will also house one’s identification securely. Supported cryptocurrency is limited to Ethereum for now, but Opera wants to add more cryptocurrencies in future releases.

Other changes with Reborn 3

Reborn 3 still showcases the old features of its predecessors, but in an improved manner:

  • The EasySetup and Snapshot tools have been moved with other browsing functionalities for more convenient access.
  • Opera’s free, built-in proxy service has been made faster. Opera claims that these built-in Proxies can create an encrypted tunnel and masks your local IP address with a virtual one. This will keep your online activities private and your personal information secure, even when you’re connecting to a public Wi-Fi network.
  • The built-in ad blocker can be turned on for all websites you visit, or for selected ones.

These features have made Opera one of the most feature-rich browsers out there. By improving these features and combining them with new ones, Opera’s Reborn 3 aims to be the browser that will “improve the quality, privacy and security of your web browsing.”

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