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The Best Proxies for Facebook: Stay in Touch with Friends and Family

While Facebook has almost worldwide coverage, it is regularly blocked in countries like China and Bangladesh. People traveling to these countries must proxy services to continue using it. Facebook can also be blocked by workplaces, schools, and other public networks. Here are five of the best proxies for Facebook that those in any of these situations to use.

Best proxies for Facebook: Proxy-N-VPN

Starting price: $2.35/month for 1 proxy

Proxy-N-VPN is a popular Facebook proxy service provider. It offers both private and shared proxies for use with the social media site. The site guarantees that all the proxies that it provides are clean and can be readily used for accessing Facebook.

Here are a few of its strengths:

  • The site provides genuine geolocation for its proxies. This means that users get an actual geographical location attached to their proxy IPs. The function strengthens the proxy’s ability to mimic actual IPs, allowing it to more effectively access Facebook from a blocked region.
  • Proxy-N-VPN says that its IPs can be used for multiple locations, adding more flexibility.
  • The provider assures that its proxy servers are fast, with server speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
  • Customers get unlimited bandwidth, which works well for viewing media content on Facebook.
  • The proxies are highly anonymous, giving users visiting it from within blocked countries more security.

The site’s plans start at $2.35 per month for a single private proxy, and $11 per month for 10 shared proxies. These rates are within the average prices in the market. The features stated above makes it a cost-effective Facebook proxy service.

best proxy facebook proxynvpn

Customer support and guarantees

Proxy-N-VPN provides an on-site contact form as its main customer support channel. Customers can direct their concerns to specific departments. The site also has a Twitter account where people can reach it for more immediate questions.

The site’s customer support team is very responsive, with agents being in touch with customers within just a few hours after receiving the request ticket. Staff also maintain customers request histories to quickly deal with recurring issues

Proxy-N-VPN offers a 3-day refund guarantee for its proxies. However, this guarantee is not applicable for proxies that have been used to create Facebook accounts.

Best proxies for Facebook: Best Proxy & VPN

Starting price: $4.99/month for 1 proxy

Best Proxy & VPN is distinct from other providers in that it issues only a single static IP to customers. This allows for greater security since only the customer who purchased that IP can use it. IP addresses are an important aspect of how the Internet works, and how IP addresses impact privacy should be known.

To make these static IPs more effective, the site provides:

  • HTTP and Socks compatibility
  • High-anonymity proxy software
  • No site or content blocking
  • Manual authentication
  • Unrestricted location selection

These features come together to provide customers with a more secure proxy connection while enabling them to fully use Facebook.

Best Proxy & VPN has a large selection of geolocations that users can attach to their IPs. The list even includes specific cities like Sydney, Montreal, and Budapest. Customers can choose the locations they want to use during their purchase.

Customer support and guarantees

Like most providers, Best Proxy & VPN uses a contact form as its main means of customer support. Customers can access the contact form from anywhere in the site, making it easier to send messages. They can also send and track support tickets for their concerns.

Another useful customer support tool that Best Proxy & VPN provides is a status page for tracking proxy uptime.

best facebook proxy proxy n vpn

The page shows not only the current uptime percentage, but also the minimum ping time for each server. This helps customers better determine the server they should use.

The site’s customer support service is generally well-received. Customers report that its agents responded quickly to inquiries. They were also able to resolve most concerns in a satisfactory manner.

Best Proxy & VPN offers the standard 3 days money back guarantee. The guarantee actually covers the first three subscriptions that customers open with the site, instead of just the first one. This gives them more opportunities to take advantage of the refund.

Best proxies for Facebook: Trusted Proxies

Starting price: $10/month

Trusted Proxies claims to have hundreds of bandwidth partners and data centers across the world. The site says that these partners help it provide high-quality proxy services 24/7 to customers from different countries.

It also guarantees that all of its proxies are clean and highly-anonymous, ensuring that consumers can browse sites like Facebook securely. To add more anonymity, Trusted Proxies provides a large selection of Class C IPs. These are the IPs that fall within the 192.0.0.x to the 223.255.255.x range. Class-C IPs are the most widespread address class used around the world. Combined with the wide variety of locations available, this guarantees that users have a large selection of addresses to choose from and go around blocks easily.

Trusted Proxies’ packages start at $10 per month. Instead of proxy bundles, customers pay for bandwidth and server location. The site also offers custom plans for users needing at least a hundred proxies in different locations.

Customer support and guarantees

Trusted Proxies offers several different channels for real-time customer support. There is an on-site live chat feature for immediate questions. Customers can also opt to use a phone number.

best proxy sites trusted proxies

Additionally, they can connect with its branch offices in the United Kingdom and Israel.

The site’s customer support response is highly regarded by users. Its agents are available 24/7 and are able to immediately respond to inquiries.

Trusted Proxies offers a 7-day refund guarantee for all its services, except for the metered ones like its proxy server cloud services. Refunds are processed within 2 days of the request. Users can also cancel their subscriptions anytime by giving a one-month notice.

Best proxies for Facebook: SSL Private Proxy

Starting price: $15/month for 5 private proxies

SSL Private Proxy’s main draw is its emphasis on greater privacy for its users. It accomplishes this through the use of highly anonymous IPs. This makes the proxies ideal for people who want to use Facebook without revealing their locations.

best facebook proxies sslprivateproxy

The site also issues a dedicated IP address to each user account. This lets customers freely use their IPs without worries of unwanted exposure caused by other users.

The proxies that SSL Private Proxies issues can be used for multiple cities, giving users greater flexibility for anonymous Facebook browsing. The site allows for instant IP/Location switching, helping users better mask their location.

SSL Private Proxies’ private proxy packages start at $15 per month for 5 proxies. This is slightly on the expensive side but the features the package includes make up for the price. It also offers shared proxies starting at $11 per month for 11 proxies.

Customer support and guarantees

Customers can reach out to the site for customer support through the on-site contact form. The site responds relatively quick, typically within a few hours after receiving the ticket. SSL Private Proxy also provides phone support for customers who purchase high-value services.

The provider offers a 7-day money back guarantee for its services. However, this comes with the condition that the proxies are not used for Facebook account creation. This means that customers are limited to using their existing Facebook accounts if they want to use the guarantee.

Best proxies for Facebook: High Proxies

Starting price: $2.30/month for 1 proxy

High Proxies is a relatively new provider offering a variety of easy-to-use proxy solutions. Its main draw is the fast server speeds that it has, reaching 1 Gbps. These speeds make the service ideal for a variety of applications, like connecting to Facebook from locations with restricted access.

The provider operates servers in 22 different cities across the United States. It also runs servers in several cities around the world, including:

  • Toronto
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Rome

This multitude of locations offers a wide range of proxy variations, giving users plenty to choose from.

best facebook proxy high proxies

At a starting price of $2.30 per month for a single proxy, High Proxies’ packages are in the mid-range of prices offered by other providers.

Customer support and guarantees

Like most providers, High Proxies mainly uses an online contact form for customer support. Customers can direct their inquiries to specific departments, such as pre-sales and general support.

The site’s response rate is commendable, with its agents being able to resolve issues within 24 hours. High Proxies also has a variety of online resources that users can refer to for learning more about its products.

The provider offers a standard 3-day money back guarantee. The refund is not applicable for proxies that have been used for Facebook account creation. Refunds are processed within 24 hours after the site receives the request.

Stay connected with the best proxies for Facebook

Proxies are indispensable tools for people who want to keep using Facebook in regions where it’s blocked. Some of the best proxies for Facebook that they can rely on are:

  • Proxy-N-VPN: Offers genuine geolocation and guaranteed clean proxies.
  • Best Proxy & VPN: Has several security features for safer Facebook browsing
  • Trusted Proxies: Offers anonymous proxies to go around Facebook blocks.
  • SSL Private Proxy: Uses anonymous dedicated IPs for greater customer privacy
  • High Proxies: Delivers fast server speeds for browsing from restricted networks.

Each provider is guaranteed to deliver high-quality proxies that customers can use to stay connected to Facebook. If the providers listed above are unsatisfactory, there are other Facebook proxy providers listed on this site to try!