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The Best Proxies For Sneakers and Streetwear: Cop That Gear!

Sneaker collecting can be challenging  as the latest releases can quickly sell out online, with resellers making a killing on the secondary market. Using multiple accounts on different proxy servers is an effective way for sneaker collectors to have a better shot at securing the drop they want at retail, while those looking to get into reselling need to have a large number of proxies at the ready. Here are five of the best proxies for sneakers to try to secure your pair.

Proxy Key: For sneaker collectors

Starting price: $17/month for one proxy

Proxy Key is an older proxy service provider established in 2005. They are recommended for sneaker collectors because you can buy one proxy from them, whereas all of the others below start with a minimum of 22.

While the site doesn’t offer dedicated sneaker proxies, its packages can still be used for the purpose. The provider has servers in 38 countries across the globe, including:

  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • China
  • Italy
  • Russia

The large selection of countries that it covers means that sneaker collectors can better snag that pair of Yeezys, or Doernbecher Nikes, they want from anywhere in the world.

best proxies for sneakers proxykey server map

At $17 a month for a single proxy, the site’s rate is a bit on the expensive side in terms of per proxy costs. However, if you are a collector just looking to buy one pair they are your best choice. The site also assures that its proxy IP addresses are certified clean by its partner data centers before being delivered to customers.

Proxy Key’s ordering process is very easy. Customers just need to pick the country where they want their IPs to come from and choose their desired plan. The site accepts Paypal, credit cards, and Bitcoin as methods of payment.

Customer support and guarantees

Proxy Key offers several customer support options:

  • On site contact form
  • Email
  • Phone support

Depending on the number of messages they receive, the site’s agents might not be able to respond immediately. Customers also need to be patient as it can take some time for customer support to fully resolve certain issues.

Unlike most providers, Proxy Key offers only a 2-day refund guarantee for first-time purchases. The refund does not extend to payment made with Bitcoin. Instead, the site credits the same amount paid to customers’ accounts for Bitcoin transactions.

MyPrivateProxy: Proxies for sneaker resellers

Starting price: $65/month for 22 proxies

Starting here, all of the proxies listed are meant for sneaker resellers and not collectors. This is because they all sell multiple, at least 22, proxies at time per month. They are listed in order from least to most proxies offered per month.

MyPrivateProxy is one of the more popular sneaker proxy providers available. The site offers dedicated proxies for use with sneaker sites like adidas (for the latest Yeezy or NMD) and Nike (for Jordans or the next Supreme collab). It has servers in 20 different cities across the United States, including Chicago, Dallas, and New York. The site also has servers in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands

To provide security for its customers, the site employs independent IP authorization. The proxy IP addresses are authenticated without the users having to oversee the process. Setting up independent IP authorization is quick and easy, which is definitely a plus.

At $65 a month for 22 proxies, MyPrivateProxy’s rates are slightly on the expensive side.

best proxies for sneakers my private proxy

A useful feature lets users create numerous variations for their IP quickly. The proxies are also refreshed on a monthly basis, ensuring that customers get fresh IP addresses regularly.

Customer support and guarantees

MyPrivateProxy offers a 3-day money back guarantee for customers. The refund process is relatively quick, with the request being granted within just a few hours. Simply use the provided contact form for the request.

The site also uses the contact form as its main means of customer support. Alternatively, customers can email MyPrivateProxy directly. The site’s support agents are very responsive, contacting users within a few hours after the initial message.

Proxies for sneakers: Proxy Hub

Starting price: $150/month for 50 proxies

Established in 2008, Proxy Hub is another longtime proxy provider. The site offers sneaker proxy packages at $150 a month for 50 proxies.

best proxies for sneakers proxy hub

This rate is within the middle range of prices offered by other providers, which makes it ideal for sneaker resellers needing a sizable amount of proxies.

The site claims to offer only fresh IP addresses to its customers by refreshing its list of proxies on a monthly basis. Additionally, the proxies it provides have high anonymity, which is ideal for users who want to keep their transactions private.

One great thing about Proxy Hub is that it provides a variety of IP customization options. For example, customers can request to bind their IPs for better authentication. Additionally, there is the option to get proxies in the IP:PORT format. These options are useful for users who want to better diversify the IPs they use for purchasing on sneaker and other shopping sites.

Customer support and guarantees

Proxy Hub provides several customer support channels, including:

  • Skype
  • Online support ticket
  • Email

The agents handling these channels are responsive and will be able to help customers resolve their concerns quickly.

The site offers a standard 3-day money-back guarantee like most providers. On top of that, it also has a replacement policy where any dead proxy is replaced free of charge. 

Proxies for sneakers: Proxy-n-VPN

Starting price: $550/month for 250 proxies

Proxy-n-VPN is another highly recommended proxy provider. The site provides general shopping proxy packages that can be used by sneaker resellers. The basic package costs $550 a month for 250 proxies, making it one of the more affordable providers on a per proxy basis.

best proxies for sneakers proxy-n-vpn

The service’s biggest selling point is its fast servers. Proxy-n-VPN claims to use Intel X3440 Xeon processor-based servers with 16GB of RAM. This setup is supported by its duplex Gigabit network, resulting in faster proxy operations.

Proxy-n-VPN has servers in 19 different states in the US, but it only has three server locations in the UK and France. This makes it less accessible for users from other countries.

The site lets users run both IP authentication and User:Password authentication for their accounts. This feature is especially useful for sneaker resellers who move between static and dynamic IPs. Both systems can be easily set up on the site’s user dashboard.

Customer support and guarantee

Proxy-n-VPN provides efficient customer support. Customers can choose to connect with either its pre-sales or billing departments right on the home screen. The provided contact form is user-friendly, letting them specify the type of concern and set the level of priority.

The response rate is also commendable, with the site’s agents getting in touch with customers within just a few hours after notification. Proxy-n-VPN offers 24/7 full support, which is great for resellers running continuous operations.

One downside Proxy-n-VPN has is that its 3-day money back guarantee does not cover shopping proxies. This makes sense as you can purchase their service, buy your sneakers, and then try to get a refund the next day. They obviously do not want this. You must be sure that you want to use them for your sneaker proxy if you go forward with your purchase.

Proxies for sneakers: SSL Private Proxy

Starting price: $650/month for 250 proxies

SSL Private Proxy’s main draw is the high level of privacy that it provides customers. The site guarantees that all the proxies that it provides are of high anonymity. Additionally, it assures that these proxies are all fresh and will work for any sneaker site.

Ease of use is another standout feature of this provider’s services. Its purchase process is straightforward. Customers just choose the package that they want and can configure the proxies according to their needs. They can further customize the proxies they bought through the user dashboard. They can activate both IP and User:Password authentications for easier management of multiple proxies.  

At $650 a month for 250 proxies, SSL Private Proxy’s prices are slightly on the higher end of the market per proxy, and are for big-time resellers. All the options that it includes in its packages make it one of the best proxies for sneakers around.

best proxies for sneakers ssl private proxy

Customer support and guarantees

SSL Private Proxy sets itself apart from other providers by offering a 7-day refund period instead of the usual 3. The guarantee extends to all its services as long as the proxies are not used for social media registration or game bots. It also has a replacement policy for any non-working proxies delivered to customers.

The site provides a detailed contact form as its main customer support channel. Customers can easily direct their inquiries and concerns to a specific department and set the priority level. SSL Private Proxy’s customer response rate is admirable. Users report that they are able to get help within a few hours after posting a support ticket to the site.

Use the best proxies for sneakers

Having good proxies is a must for sneaker collectors and resellers who want to grab the latest fire releases when they drop online. These five providers offer some of the best proxies for that purpose:

  • Proxy Key: Offers a simple and easy-to-use service to more than 38 countries around the world. Recommended for collectors.
  • MyPrivateProxy: Offers services to 20 different states across the US and several countries in Europe.
  • Proxy Hub: One of the longest-running proxy service providers, featuring high-quality fresh proxies for users.
  • Proxy-n-VPN: Features fast proxy servers and responsive customer service agents.
  • SSL Private Proxy: Provides highly secure proxies supported by a strong money-back guarantee.

These providers have tons of other features that will help both collectors and resellers better set up their sneaker proxies. Be sure to click the links of each one and read their review for more insight. For general proxy needs, there are many resources and reviews to consider here.