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SEO Proxies: Why You Need Them to Get Better Rankings

Performing search engine optimization requires you to collect a large amount of data and manage your links and traffic efficiently. With all the work to be done, private proxies can be a surprisingly handy tool to use if you know what you’re doing. Here is a look at how you can strategically use SEO proxies to boost your site’s rankings.

Using SEO proxies for research

When collecting the data that you need for SEO keyword analysis, one technique that you can use is web scraping. This is where you crawl a site and collect information like keywords and metadata from its content. Web scraping is typically done with tools like ScrapeBox, which can crawl hundreds of sites in a short amount of time.

seo proxies scraping tool

One drawback of using automated scraper tools is that the large amount of activity that they generate can catch the attention of search engines. This could potentially lead to the search engines suspending or banning your IP. Additionally, the large amount of queries generated can slow down your own connection.

Using a proxy with your scraper tool will let you run it without worry that your IP will be banned. In fact, some tools actually require you to use proxies to work. When looking for proxy servers, you have to consider the following factors:

  • Speed: The proxy server must be fast enough to handle the amount of data being gathered by the tool.
  • Subnet diversity: If you are using multiple proxies with your scraper tools they should come from different subnets to better mask your identity from search engines.
  • Proxy replacement: The provider should have a replacement policy for any proxies that might get banned when used by your tools.

By carefully weighing these factors, you can get proxies that are best suited for your tools. Some providers like Trusted Proxies even offer proxies that are dedicated for web scraping use. These providers guarantee that their proxies can more effectively go around search engine blocks and let your tools harvest data unimpeded.

SEO proxies for competitor research

Another area of SEO research where you will find proxies useful is in doing competitor research. There are many tools available that will automatically collect and track the backlinks that competitor sites have. You will have the same problem with these tools as scraping tools, so you’ll need to run these tools with proxies to prevent your IP address from getting banned.

Another benefit of using SEO proxies for competitor research is that you can more freely explore your competitor sites. These sites actively guard against competitors snooping around. By using proxies, you can mask your IP and go around blocks that your competitors put on their sites easily.

Using SEO proxies for link building and traffic generation

Once you begin building your site’s backlinks, you need to do it continuously to better establish the network of links. A useful tool for this is GSA Search Engine Ranker. This tool automatically finds new sites to submit your link request to. It will even verify if your links were indeed placed and catalog them for you. This video demonstrates the tool in action.

GSA SER requires proxies to effectively run its link building operations. With enough proxies you can:

  • Distribute your content more effectively to more sites
  • Gather links from more locations based on on your proxy IPs

These benefits will guarantee that the network of backlinks you build is solid and will meet search engine standards.

Private SEO proxies are the most suitable ones to use with tools like GSA SER since they have less traffic and will be able to support its operations. It would also help if you get a good amount of proxies to use. You will want to distribute your links across many proxies to avoid potential bans.  

Using SEO proxies to generate traffic

To begin attracting more visitors and increase your site’s search engine rankings, you need to give it a little push. There are a variety of tools you can use to simulate initial traffic going to your site and attract the attention of search engines. These tools generate thousands of searches using your keywords to show that there is growing interest in you.

The main role of SEO proxies here is to diversify the locations from where this simulated traffic is coming. This more effectively convinces the search engines of your site’s popularity and causes them to rank it higher. The best tool for this is proxy providers which offer a large variety of locations. One example is Best Proxy And VPN which has a large selection of locations and subnets.

seo proxies location examples

They should have more than enough to help you.

Boosting your site’s social media presence with SEO proxies

Social media cues have become increasingly important in the ranking algorithms of search engines. With that in mind, you need to generate a large number of conversations about your site on various social media platforms to boost your rankings. We all know many people are talking about

To better jumpstart these conversations, you will want to create more social media accounts and go after a larger audience set. Using SEO proxies will let you run more accounts since these are not tied to a single IP. Spreading your accounts to multiple proxies also make the conversations look more widespread since these will appear to come from different locations.

Combining these proxies with social media automation tools like Hootsuite or Buffer will help your social media promotions move along faster. Since your accounts are spread to different IPs, you can post more links back to your site without them looking like spam. Be sure to get a varied set of proxies for each social media platform that you want to utilize, such as Facebook.

Improve your search engine rankings with SEO proxies

Proxies can be handy when getting your site to rank higher in the search engines. Some of the uses for SEO proxies are:

  • Initial research: Proxies are essential for operating the various tools for data scraping and automated backlink research.
  • Link building and traffic generation: Using proxies will help you diversify the backlinks and traffic you generate for your site.
  • Boosting social media presence: Proxies with different locations are useful for creating social media accounts for generating online conversations about your site.

These various uses would be enough to convince you to invest in high-quality proxies for use in your search engine optimization work.

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