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Unblocked Private Proxy on its 38th Domain Name

In their fight against piracy, copyright owners and the entertainment industry generally employ website blocking, an effective tool that helps stop people from pirating content. By blocking websites that allow piracy, copyright holders believe that they can prevent the act. While website blocking can be a source of discouragement, there are still millions of people who find ways to get around the blockades.

VPN services are the best workaround against any censorship by the government, entertainment companies, offices, or schools. However, dedicated proxy sites, such as Unblocked, are also being used to bypass this restriction on pirate sites.

Unblocked and its domain changes

Unblocked was launched in 2013 as a way to get around the increasing censorship in the UK. Back then, there were only less than 50 pirate sites on the proxy site. Now, the links in Unblocked’s library have grown to hundreds, and the proxy site has acquired millions of users.

Unblocked is seen as a leader in the industry, and this fact has become both a boon and a bane.



As the site became popular, its popularity has made it an easy target for blocking. As a result, Unblocked had to change its domain name many times; it’s currently on its 38th. At first, the name changes were infrequent. Now it almost seems to be a monthly occurrence.

In February, its domain name was changed from to after users reported blockades. However, the new domain name was quickly suspended by CoCCA, the domain name registry used by Unblocked. This wasn’t the first time though that CoCCA suspended Unblocked’s domain name; it happened a few years ago with the site’s .pe domain name.

The most recent suspension came after the registry received an automated DMCA complaint from a copyright owner. This prompted Unblocked to change to its 38th domain name——only proving that Unblocked’s operators are committed to providing entertainment without boundaries.

Domain name changes don’t deter users

The upside is that the domain name changes have no significant effect on Unblocked’s traffic. Regular users are already accustomed to such changes; they can instantly find the new domain. When they see that the Unblocked website is down, users just go to the following platforms to find out the new domain name:



  • GitHub: This GitHub mirror is a useful platform for Unblocked users and has been in operation since 2015.

Unblocked says that, after a domain name change, it takes only a day or two for traffic to go back to normal. For a domain suspension (like what happened with CoCCA), recovery takes longer. Unblocked operators revealed that it took five days for their traffic to peak again.

It looks like Unblocked is planning to stay in the industry for a long time. It is not deterred by the repeated blocking and suspension, as evidenced by its 38th domain name. The number of times that the site changed its name also indicates that proxy sites are easier to detect and block, as compared to VPNs.

Because of this, Unblocked will likely move on to other domains within the next few months. Hopefully, its base of users will remain strong and intact, as they did in the past.

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