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What You Should Know Before You Buy Shared Proxy Services

Shared proxies are a useful alternative for people who need proxy services but don’t want to use private ones. Purchasing one should be done after careful consideration as your online privacy is something to take very seriously. Here are some of the considerations to mull over when you buy shared proxy services.

Shared proxy technical considerations

Shared proxies are proxies that are assigned to several users instead of just one. Since there are multiple users going through them at any given time, they carry greater loads than private proxies. This can reduce the speed for all users. When purchasing shared proxies, you have to consider the speed being offered by providers.

buy shared proxy ssl private proxy

Many providers like SSL Private Proxy offer up to 1Gbps proxy speeds. Keep in mind that these are just listed speeds, and that the actual operating speed can vary greatly from server to server. This is true of every provider, whether the product is shared or private. There are other factors that can affect the speed you get, including:

  • The number of users allowed for each proxy
  • Your intended use for the proxy
  • Your own Internet connection 

Be sure to take these things into consideration when gauging the speeds offered by providers.  

Buy shared proxy services for SEO

If you plan on using shared proxies for search engine optimization purposes, your chosen provider should offer support for it. HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol support is the first requirement you should consider. This dual support lets you do your SEO work for a wider variety of websites.

You also need to look into what kind of SEO tools a shared proxy provider supports. Scrapebox is one of the popular SEO/data scraping tools that is widely supported by many providers. Make sure that the specific shared proxy server you purchase has enough capacity to handle the demand of these tools.

Buy shared proxy services for security

Since shared proxies accommodate multiple users, there is always the danger of your data being exposed to other users or even external threats. When you buy shared proxy services, consider what security features the provider offers.

High Proxies, for instance, offers highly anonymous and non-sequential IPs that are more effective at hiding user locations. As an added security feature, it employs both IP and username/password authentication to prevent accidental use of the proxies.

buy shared proxy high proxies

Buy shared proxy services for cost-effectiveness

One big draw of shared proxies is that they cost less than private ones. To get an even better deal when you buy shared proxy services, do a comparison of the packages offered by different providers. Consider the number of proxies offered by each provider for the same price range. Also, take into account the features included for each package and how these compare against the price.

Customer support and guarantees

Customer support should be factored in when considering the cost-effectiveness of a provider’s shared proxy packages. Take a look at the level of support provided by each service.  I guarantee that’ll be far above anything offered by a free proxy.

Quality providers, like Proxy-N-VPN, have different customer support channels available, including phone support, Twitter, and dedicated email. This is absolutely invaluable for when things go wrong.

buy shared proxy proxy-n-vpn

Since shared proxies are more prone to disruptions, the provider should provide you with various guarantees. A replacement guarantee is particularly helpful for recovering any dead proxies you get. Money back guarantees also add more value to the package.

Additionally, you should review the providers’ cancellation policies. If you are going to use shared proxies for only a short period, it helps if you can cancel your subscription easily. A good policy should also not require any fees to be implemented.

Why you should buy shared proxy services

The most important things to consider when you want to buy shared proxy services include:

  • Technical needs
  • SEO support
  • Security
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Customer support

As you make your purchase, you will likely encounter other factors. If you find that a shared proxy is not meeting your needs in any of the above categories, switch to a private proxy and you will surely have your needs met.

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